Chef Pan

Copper Chef Pan Instructions  

Now that finally you copper chef pan is delivered you need to follow certain instructions before you start using it the company recommends you to wash it with hot water, detergent and after washing you need to immediately wipe with a dish towel, make sure that the towel is soft and later when you actually want to to use it you can wash it in a dishwasher as it is dishwasher safe, wash it before using it.  If you’re looking for copper chef reviews, check out


  1. You will need to squeeze the handle of your frying basket so that it can compress it’s holding posts. 
  2. Now you need to set the position of your basket’s handle so that it can easily fit over the pan’s support wire and through the basket’s opening.
  3. thisis the time where you need to loosen your grip so that the springs of the frying basket can be open, once the springs open you need to insert the posts straight into the slots giving for holding 
  4. Now the handle would be securely in your basket.



Copper chef pan not only comes with a frying basket but with a steamer as well.

how to assemble the steamer 

  1. Take out the steamer tray and turn it upside down
  2. You need to use your index finger and your thumb to compress the leg of your steamer
  3. nowyou need to set the position of the posts exactly between the slots 
  4. toopen the strings you will need to release the leg of the steamer, once the strings are open posts will easily slip into the slots. 
  5. youneed to install all 4 legs so repeat the steps mentioned above 
  6. All you need to do now is turn the tray back to upright and use it as per your needs

How to clean it? 

  1. Once done with cooking let your pan cool down if you wash it when it is hot it will cause warping which is irreparable.
  2. everytime you finish cooking simply fill your pan with hot soapy water, leave it like this for 10 to 20 minutes after 20 minutes when the water is lukewarm and not hot use a sponge to clean it. 
  3. Never use metal pads or steel wool as they cause scratches, always wash it thoroughly with soapy water and with a soft towel wipe it, immediately.

Coming to the Storage 

you need to create a no stacking and crowding zone, as they cause scratches, now that copper chef pan has replaced 6 other cookware lets give it crowd free storage.  you can simply store it in a peg board or a rack and never ever put any other metal pan which has sharp edges in your copper chef pan as it would definitely cause scratches.  

You need to maintain it so that it can live up to its life and the company offers a 2-month warranty, copper chef pan is one of the best pans right now in the market this six in one square pan makes your cooking life easy. 

Chef Pan

Copper Square Ceramic Layer Pan

Copper chef pan is the first Copper Square six in one pan, in this Pan you can steam, broil, braise, bake and even saute. it is not coated with thin layer it is coated with the new generation ceramic layer, people think it is made up of copper entirely but no it is not. it comes with a strong stain resistant layer which simply means it is durable and the fact that it has 95% copper and  the handle is hollow and the hollow handle is made up of durable steel, induction, oven, and dishwasher safe.


 3 Facts about copper chef pan  

Copper chef pan and hygiene are best friends. 

Copper has some antibacterial properties because of which bacteria and germs can’t live on it. Toxic is the word which can explain the relation between copper and germs and no need to worry as it is safe for human beings, now you know why handles of doors and pipes of water are made up of copper in the hospitals. Copper chef pan equals to no germs at all. 


After some time it changes color 

Now people keep questioning why their pan is changing color after months of use, the answer is that copper is a substance which changes color after excessive heat use  due to heat it actually develops patina, it is natural and does not harm your food in any way 

The ray of positivity – 

Copper has been in use from last 9000 years, as copper chef pan is made up of copper it evenly spreads heat, copper is said to be a good conductor of heat, copper is said to be durable, corrosion-resistant and high of hygiene. when it comes to heat conduction it is far better than stainless steel and iron, as the heat spreads evenly there is no way for hotspots and you can easily regulate the temperature. copper even uses less energy as compared to iron. food in a copper pan stay warm for a very long period. 


Before you start using this amazing pan do not forget to wash it and if you do not know how to wash it is  read further  

Before you actually start using it just wash it especially with hot water and make sure that the detergent you are using is mild in nature once done washing immediately wipe it with a dish towel and the towel must be soft after doing this when you use it first wash it in your dishwasher but make sure that you do not over crow the dishwasher as overcrowding can end up causing huge scratches  

never wash your copper chef pan if it is hot you need to let it cool down properly and then think to fill it with water and detergent. 


This is all with the copper chef pan do not forget to share what you like the most about this six in one pan and keep certain points like no overcrowding in mind while using this beauty, copper chef pan is invented to make your life easy.