How To Keep Bunn Coffee Maker Pot From Overflowing 

 When it comes to quality, Bunn doesn’t know the meaning of word compromise. This is the reason Bunn is dominating the market. They don’t just set the bars, they are the bars! Whether they have to make commercial coffee makers or home coffee makers, discrimination doesn’t come in the way.  

 Although we can’t raise questions about the quality that Bunn provide. But there is one problem that almost everyone face. And that problem is known as overflow. We don’t how to keep our coffee makers pot from overflowing. Well, you don’t know till yet, but you will know now! 

 Overflow is one of the worst feelings someone can get. Well, who like the watery mess of hot water and some crazy wasted grinds? No one. You can’t just start your coffee maker pot and stand over there all the time to look after it.  


Let us first discuss who can possibly the culprits because of whom your coffee maker pot overflow. These little naughty fellows can be clogged filter, a weak spot, or even the size of your coffee grinds. Well, the Satan’s Minions are at work again! 


The basic thing that you can do to prevent your coffee maker from overflowing is the preventative maintenance. You should give your coffee maker a good cleaning. Keeping coffee maker just like new is not a bad idea! The best way to clean your coffee maker is the easiest way possible! Empty the machine and add vinegar and cold water to the ratio of 1:2. Now start the brewing process. After this, brew 2 to 3 more times just to make sure that the vinegar taste and its smell is gone. Now that your coffee maker is clean, its time to wash the brew basket. The basket should remain clean all the time as the water flows from it. And if the water will not flow at the good rate, your coffee maker will overflow.  


If your pot is still flowing then now is the time to point the finger at the filter. This guy tried hard enough to hide but no! You can’t hide from us! During the brewing process, some filters collapse on themselves. If your filter can’t stick with the walls of the machine than you need to buy a large size filter for it. Another thing you can do is that you can purchase reusable coffee filters. They are very good at maintaining their size. But you have to keep one thing in your mind that these filters require a lot of cleaning, that too daily 


There are no technical faults in a Bunn brewer, the company is all about great brewers, some brewers overflow some leak not because the manufacturers have done some compromise but because we do not maintain them properly, maintenance is very important if you wish to use the same brewer for the next 20 years and more, cleaning does not take much time after every use wipe it after every 3 to 4 months give it deep cleaning. 


Every Cup Of Delicious Coffee Matters More Than You Think

The best feeling is when we get an early morning cup of coffee. But do you know that every cup of your delicious coffee that you consume matters more than you think! So come with us and let’s have a view on the importance of the coffee. 


Do you know that your purchase of 1 cup of coffee every day can help someone’s livelihood? About 25 million farmers produce the world’s 80% coffee and their livelihood depends on it. You don’t know what many farmers deal with to survive. it’s easy for many of the farmers to die than live their life. So your purchase of coffee helps these farmers with their living. 


We just realized how our purchase of coffee helps others. Now we will learn how coffee is beneficial to us.  

Coffee gives many benefits far more than taste. Coffee gives you energy and can keep you energetic for a long time. For the gym going people, coffee helps in reducing the muscle pain by 40%. If you are having a headache, coffee can cure it for you. Coffee contains caffeine which when comes into contact with blood vessels, it makes them narrow and can reduce your pain to 40%. Not only it cures your headache, coffee also helps in preventing some major health diseases. It is believed that people who drink coffee reduce the fact of having critical diseases like cancer and liver problem. Coffee drinking people are less prone to experience depression. It is all believed that people who drink coffee have less chance to die at an early age. Coffee basically increases your lifespan. 


Coffee tends to increase the intake of fiber in your body, there is valid evidence which states that coffee actually protects us from diseases like Alzheimer, diabetes, cirrhosis. 

Coffee even helps reduce the risk of suicide and the rate of depression and a person who consumes coffee religiously has fewer chances of having a heart disease and colorectal cancer. coffee even fights against cavities.



2015’s dietary guidelines by the USDA recommend three to five cups of coffee every day for a better healthier life. people who have once had a heart attack should consume at least two cups of coffee every day to reduce the risk of another heart attack. 

The list of diseases whose risk can be reduced by consuming coffee – 

  1. Alzheimer
  2. Diabetes
  3. Cirrhosis
  4. Melanoma
  5. Periodontal disease
  6. Gout
  7. Liver Cancer
  8. Colorectal cancer
  9. Multiple Sclerosis
  10. Heart disease
  11. Parkinson’s disease
  12. Cirrhosis


Now who all should not consume coffee- 

  1. Pregnant women
  2. Peoplewith  heartconditions 
  3. People with caffeine sensitivity
  4. People with acid reflux



keep one thing in your mind that consuming anything more than required can be harmful to you some in the short run and some in the long, an optimal level is the best when it comes to coffee or any other beverage or food item. Too much coffee means anxiety and anxiety lead to the disturbed sleep pattern. 4 cups a day is more than enough. 


Some Famous Types of Coffee 

Today we are going to make some famous types of coffee 

The first one which we are going to make is the Irish coffee.

 It is going to be a cocktail made up of coffee which is kind of sweet so this cup of coffee is going to consist of some whiskey especially the Irish one, some cream and of course some coffee. this Irish coffee is not just a cup of coffee or cocktail but is a way of celebrating, people love a cup full of Irish coffee on Christmas enough talking about this amazing coffee lets make it now. 

We all know what all we are going to need to make a cup of Irish coffee still let me remind you we are going to need some coffee, whiskey, sugar and some yummy cream, do not forget to brew your coffee beforehand as it is not supposed to be hot before making this amazing cup of coffee we need to know some points so that the best coffee in the world is made. 

 The sweetness needs to be balanced so it would be advised to use two types of sugar, number one is the brown one and number two is the granulated one. Do not use any other whiskey than Jameson as it is not only sweet and smooth but gives a little spicy taste too. Do not use heavy whipped cream use the light one. 



  • Boil some water and side by side preheat your mug add your freshly brewed coffee and then once your water is boiled pour some of it in your mug 
  • Time to add both of the sugars ( brown and granulated sugar ) 
  • Add some Jameson 
  • Mix all the ingredients gently 
  • Time to add some whipped cream, now as you are using light cream, place it with all the gentleness you have or else it can simply break the layer of coffee. 
  • on the top, if you have cherry then place it. 
  • That’s all with the Irish coffee 

 Time to make some BRANDY COFFEE 

  1.  Creme de Cacao 
  2.  brandy 
  3.  espresso 
  4.  whipping cream 
  5.  crushed ice 
  6. Grated nutmeg 


  1. you would require a shaker for this coffee, add all the ingredients from creme de cacao till the ice. 
  2. After adding all the ingredients, shake the shaker well 
  3. time to strain some coffee into a glass 
  4. the last time is about nutmeg, you need to sprinkle it on the top of your brandy coffee 
  5. That’s all with the brandy coffee 

 Time for some English coffee gin, dry triple sec coffee Alchohol black coffee cream There is not much to do in this recipe it is one of the simplest coffee recipes. Take a cup and add triple sec, some alcohol, some coffee and some dry gin 

Add sugar according to your taste, time to add your favorite whipped cream on your coffee’s top. do not forget to add some triple sec on the top. 

That’s all for the English coffee and for this article as well.