Basics of a Straight Razor 

  Equipment Required 

when a beginner starts using a cutthroat it is daunting figuring out what all is needed, a lot of things go around in our mind strops? honing stones? brushes? 

when I started my journey of using a barber’s razor, I did not want to spend a lot of money so everything that I purchased was cheap and guess what by buying all the cheap equipment I wasted a lot of money with two to three weeks my razor died, buying cheap straight razor was my biggest mistake as straight razors are more like an investment. 


Now that I know what you would require on day 50 and on day 1 I m going to help make your journey of straight razor better with a luxurious shave. 

Equipment that you would require on day one and on day 50 as well – THE ESSENTIAL ONES 

The obvious – Cutthroat 

Strop of leather- now this you would need before each and every use. 

Shaving cream or a shaving soap – you would thank me later a cream or a shaving soap is a must so that you do not end up getting a lot of cuts, these shaving soaps, and cream moisturize your skin 

Shaving Brush- this is a must and it depends on what kind of cream or soap you are using, it helps in making a barrier between the sharp blade and your smooth skin. 

Things you would require on day 50 – THE LONG RUN EQUIPMENT 

The only equipment that you would require in the long term is a Honing stone, why do you need it? after ever 8th month or maximum after ever 12th month you would require resharpening and without honing stone you cant do so in the beginning you do not need to buy it you can buy it later on. 

Why is Stropping done? 

You have to strop your straight razor before each use to align the edge of the razor’s blade. Every time the straight razor will touch your face, you will feel the result of your stropping – shaving with a sharp razor means you will enjoy shaving more and get higher quality results. 

Before every use, you actually need to strop your razor so that the edges are aligned and the result is what you would feel on your face when you would shave which means the result would be better quality vise and you would even enjoy shaving. 

Now you need to know why a strop is made up of leather and fabric, one side is made up of leather and one is made up of fabric, the fabric one is coarser which actually removes things on your razor which can damage the leather side and the leather does the rest as it is soft.  


Before shaving, you must prepare your skin, you can either take shower with hot water, wash your face with hot water or simply soak your towel in hot water and then hold it on your skin.