How To Keep Bunn Coffee Maker Pot From Overflowing 

 When it comes to quality, Bunn doesn’t know the meaning of word compromise. This is the reason Bunn is dominating the market. They don’t just set the bars, they are the bars! Whether they have to make commercial coffee makers or home coffee makers, discrimination doesn’t come in the way.  

 Although we can’t raise questions about the quality that Bunn provide. But there is one problem that almost everyone face. And that problem is known as overflow. We don’t how to keep our coffee makers pot from overflowing. Well, you don’t know till yet, but you will know now! 

 Overflow is one of the worst feelings someone can get. Well, who like the watery mess of hot water and some crazy wasted grinds? No one. You can’t just start your coffee maker pot and stand over there all the time to look after it.  


Let us first discuss who can possibly the culprits because of whom your coffee maker pot overflow. These little naughty fellows can be clogged filter, a weak spot, or even the size of your coffee grinds. Well, the Satan’s Minions are at work again! 


The basic thing that you can do to prevent your coffee maker from overflowing is the preventative maintenance. You should give your coffee maker a good cleaning. Keeping coffee maker just like new is not a bad idea! The best way to clean your coffee maker is the easiest way possible! Empty the machine and add vinegar and cold water to the ratio of 1:2. Now start the brewing process. After this, brew 2 to 3 more times just to make sure that the vinegar taste and its smell is gone. Now that your coffee maker is clean, its time to wash the brew basket. The basket should remain clean all the time as the water flows from it. And if the water will not flow at the good rate, your coffee maker will overflow.  


If your pot is still flowing then now is the time to point the finger at the filter. This guy tried hard enough to hide but no! You can’t hide from us! During the brewing process, some filters collapse on themselves. If your filter can’t stick with the walls of the machine than you need to buy a large size filter for it. Another thing you can do is that you can purchase reusable coffee filters. They are very good at maintaining their size. But you have to keep one thing in your mind that these filters require a lot of cleaning, that too daily 


There are no technical faults in a Bunn brewer, the company is all about great brewers, some brewers overflow some leak not because the manufacturers have done some compromise but because we do not maintain them properly, maintenance is very important if you wish to use the same brewer for the next 20 years and more, cleaning does not take much time after every use wipe it after every 3 to 4 months give it deep cleaning. 

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