Some Famous Types of Coffee 

Today we are going to make some famous types of coffee 

The first one which we are going to make is the Irish coffee.

 It is going to be a cocktail made up of coffee which is kind of sweet so this cup of coffee is going to consist of some whiskey especially the Irish one, some cream and of course some coffee. this Irish coffee is not just a cup of coffee or cocktail but is a way of celebrating, people love a cup full of Irish coffee on Christmas enough talking about this amazing coffee lets make it now. 

We all know what all we are going to need to make a cup of Irish coffee still let me remind you we are going to need some coffee, whiskey, sugar and some yummy cream, do not forget to brew your coffee beforehand as it is not supposed to be hot before making this amazing cup of coffee we need to know some points so that the best coffee in the world is made. 

 The sweetness needs to be balanced so it would be advised to use two types of sugar, number one is the brown one and number two is the granulated one. Do not use any other whiskey than Jameson as it is not only sweet and smooth but gives a little spicy taste too. Do not use heavy whipped cream use the light one. 



  • Boil some water and side by side preheat your mug add your freshly brewed coffee and then once your water is boiled pour some of it in your mug 
  • Time to add both of the sugars ( brown and granulated sugar ) 
  • Add some Jameson 
  • Mix all the ingredients gently 
  • Time to add some whipped cream, now as you are using light cream, place it with all the gentleness you have or else it can simply break the layer of coffee. 
  • on the top, if you have cherry then place it. 
  • That’s all with the Irish coffee 

 Time to make some BRANDY COFFEE 

  1.  Creme de Cacao 
  2.  brandy 
  3.  espresso 
  4.  whipping cream 
  5.  crushed ice 
  6. Grated nutmeg 


  1. you would require a shaker for this coffee, add all the ingredients from creme de cacao till the ice. 
  2. After adding all the ingredients, shake the shaker well 
  3. time to strain some coffee into a glass 
  4. the last time is about nutmeg, you need to sprinkle it on the top of your brandy coffee 
  5. That’s all with the brandy coffee 

 Time for some English coffee gin, dry triple sec coffee Alchohol black coffee cream There is not much to do in this recipe it is one of the simplest coffee recipes. Take a cup and add triple sec, some alcohol, some coffee and some dry gin 

Add sugar according to your taste, time to add your favorite whipped cream on your coffee’s top. do not forget to add some triple sec on the top. 

That’s all for the English coffee and for this article as well. 

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